31 março, 2010

Diesel | Fuel for Life - Summer Edition


Style landmarks of this highly colourful lingo.

Neon colour emerged, as if out of a black hole, from Soho’s radical lofts at the epicentre of New York’s thriving underground scene in the early Eighties. It was here that young Stephen Sprouse, protégé of Andy Warhol who called the shots on so many reputations, invented a fashion that we would now call streetwear, influenced by early hip-hop beats, Keith Haring and, of course, the golden era of nightclubs.

The British pop scene, true to its vocation, picked up on the day-glo phenomenon and exposed the makeup of teen band Wham! under black spotlights.

Italy in the mid-Eighties: a fun movement, the antithesis of the international image of decorous Italian elegance, grew up around Elio Fiorruci. Artistically, it was inspired by the cartoon strips of the Fifties, but seen through the prism of Italian disco, and here too, the clubbing scene of the renowned «Plastic» and vast nightclubs at Riccione on the Adriatic Coast. Day-glo also made its debut on the beach in flamingo prints and mind-blowing ices.
Parisian runways were a riot of black and neon, in a feverish tribute to the heyday of the «Palace» nightclub.

The Nineties worshipped and embodied the ‘less is more’, which did not, however, prevent a cohort of designers descended the North from eradicating this austerity with a slash of highlighter.
From acid house to rave parties, dance music adopted the neon smiley as an iconic rallying call.
Indeed, the last Diesel fashion collection humorously masterminded a flashy fluorescent FLASH FOR FUN line to be flaunted on the dance floors of the entire world.
Passing generations have prolonged the techno spirit, born twenty years ago in a series of often short-lived cultural jolts, which triggered fashions that have inspired teenagers of both sexes. From Harajuku girls, over-tanned manga babes to London’s neon-clad clubbers, it’s like a flash in the night, in the gloom of boredom and jaded senses, aiming a well-directed kick up the backside of the established canons of good taste.


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Must Have

Chanel Accessories | Spring Summer 2010
Quitted denim sneaker with iconic calf cap toe


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30 março, 2010

Isilda Pelicano | SS2010

Regarded as one of Portugal’s most distinguished fashion designers, Isilda Pelicano started her career in 1992 and since then has presented a women’s collection every season under a label with her namesake. Through the refined use of leather and luxurious fabrics and the combination of classic fine lines and a bold touch of the avant-garde, Isilda’s distinct style reflects the elegance, flexibility, and autonomy of a woman’s wardrobe.

This is her new Collection for Spring Summer 2010.


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29 março, 2010

Diesel | Eyewear Collection

Mixing contemporary style with an Eighties flavour, the new DIESEL eyewear collection comes up with a wide range of fresh models characterized by an ironic twist. The vintage look is reworked with modern details and truly striking colours, in perfect Diesel spirit.

Men will grab attention thanks to this style of sunglasses and its boxy injection-moulded frame (DS 0203). For a bolder personality, temples sport a faceted line with a triangular cross-section, offering stylistic continuity with the collection's most successful themes. The DIESEL logo is visible on the profiles, silhouetted against strong colours twinned with an original use of transparent colours. Colours include black, white, yellow, blue, brown, green, red-orange and grey.

In the universe of optical frames men’s favourite style (DV 0163) reflects a contemporary look that sports a rectangular injection-moulded design with slim, faceted profiles and a triangular cross-section. The colour palette emphasizes the model's personality through bold shades of blue, black, white, purple and orange.

The Seventies provide the inspiration for these women's injection-moulded sunglasses (DS 0204), which offers a modern take on an irresistible retro-chic look. Hot shades of black, white, purple, yellow, fuchsia, aqua, blue and red to highlight this oversized butterfly shape and its Diesel logo on the faceted temples. The colours are twinned with a seductive use of transparent colours.

Women go for a fancy and young optical frame style (DV 0162) that features a minute shape with soft profiles, proposed in eye-catching shades of purple, red, orange, blue, black and white, accentuating the contrasting DIESEL logo at the tenon of temples.

The inimitable style of Diesel eyewear springs from the partnership between the Diesel Creative Team, headed by Diesel's Creative Director Wilbert Das, and the Safilo Design Department.

The new DIESEL collection of sunglasses and optical frames are produced and distributed by the Safilo Group and will be available in the Diesel Stores, department stores and exclusive opticians worldwide from January 2010.

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27 março, 2010

Baptiste Giambiconi | L'officiel Homes

Baptiste Giambiconi in L'officiel Homes China
Photography by Xiang Sun


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26 março, 2010

Dancer in a Daydream

Fashionair presents,
Christian Louboutin "Dancer In A Daydream" choreographed by dancer Arthur Gourounlian.


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25 março, 2010

Styles @ Lisboa Fashion Week

See more pictures and Fashion Shows of Moda Lisboa | Lisboa Fashion Week at ModaLisboaALIVE


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