27 setembro, 2012

Milan Fashion Week | SpringSummer'13 ... Dolce&Gabbana, Pucci and Jil Sander

Here's Milan with pure sense of style and ambition to set trends and make history.

On this post I show you, just some of the best shows that happened during this week in Italy.
So much things catch my eye and made me see that Fashion is many times unpredictable, and have always something new to say and new points of view to show.

And that is what I love about it!

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana this time talks about a tourist in Sicily wearing the tradicional scenes and medieval history of that location. 
For me it was an amazing show, with all the DNA of the brand, a bit predictable, but always with a twist in details and concept
My favourite pieces were the transparencies and all the artwork and tradicional craftmanship applied on a corset, like Sicilian baskets, making a magnific piece of art. Also the rafia sacks transformed in dress were a brilliant idea, so tradicional and so connected to the brand. This ideas are really eye catching and the soul of a collection, but as all we know this is Dolce&Gabbana's comfort zone, and we will love to see what they have outside of the box!

Emilio Pucci
Peter Dundas started to took inspiration in Oriental countries, but was in Vietnam that he stops the road. 
Pucci with Dundas are really going out of it's way! The soul is there, the prints are there and the sexy Pucci Women is still alive, but is gettin' better than ever! This magnificent collection with many rich details is just beautiful. 
Starting with transparencies, amazing high-sculptured-dragon-heels and hand-painted dresses made this a trully statement. The robe-jackets with a twisted camo-print were beautiful. Also, lions and dragons were part of Pucci logo's in "couture- 'gangsta'" jackets... 
So much details defines a really strong collection

Strong. Powerful. Seductive. Warrior. 
Maybe those four words are the only ones in Pucci Women's dictionary, this season!

Jil Sander
Hello Jil Sander. First of all: Welcome back!

I really don't know how Jil Sander's style were before Raf Simons, but what I heard is that this collection was really inspired in Raf
Is that right?
Well, we know that this is pure minimalism. Maybe Jil started to show us the minimum to be allowed in the future to show us her vision of the future of Jil Sander's house. I liked very much the details and silhouettes of this season. The pure white is always present, the colour is not out of blue, red-whine or camel. 
I think that a really strong element of this collection were those boots with diagonal zipper. So elegant, so 'new' and so unexpected
That is true fashion. I must say that it was the point that made me believe in this collection!

21 setembro, 2012

Prada | SpringSummer'2013

And some how, Miuccia Prada fell asleep...
And she starts dreaming in black and white, in a distant place, far, far away...

It all happens in Asia (that land where clothes are caled 'Kimono' and a women are called 'Geisha') with red and pink sparkles from the flowers on the camp... Pretty collors in such a dark scene
And some how, she mixes everything! The flowers with the darkness, the light with clothes, and clothes with kimono's... 
The feets are on the ground., and some how they are in the air! 
And such a dark feeling became a sweet thing...

A collection was created.

She wakes up! It's Thursday, 20 September and she can't do anything. The collection came from this big dream and reallity happens!
It's Milan Fashion Week'!

This is a really strong collection with such a sweet feeling impressed by flowers and pink clothes. It started in a dark mood with flowers in black and white, and going across the dark green you start notice the red and the light from white and clear greens and pink at the end of the show!
The clothes were really unexpected, the theme and the colors, also.

So, tell me: Where you can see black and white fur jackets on a Spring show?
It's crazy, right?. But it's Prada. So, it's A-MA-ZING!!

The japanese mood across this collection is noticed by cuts and silhuettes inspired in kimono's, and also in the shoes so much appropied to those Harajuku girls... Even the shoes that seemed to be judo socks, were in leather and with bows! Miuccia  says that  she likes "walking on a flat - even if it's high"!

This collection was described as Nostalgic! But we can call it Poetry... Fashion Poetry! Is that right?

You can see the complete collection and video of the Show at Prada.com

17 setembro, 2012

New York Fashion Week | SpringSummer'2013

As usual, and always, New York Fashion Week starts playing the Spring Summer' 2013 trends for the entire Fashion month.
Now, that's ended, we actually can notice some silhuettes and colors that will reach our wardrobe next Summer.

Here, you have some of the best collections that were seen by the Fashion Industry.


Joseph Altuzarra just did it again, surprisingly he stroke the point by made the most unexpected fabric (that is usually made to work), just become a trend in an usual and chic workwear for women. Applied in capes, coats and jackets, also shirts, pants and dresses. 
Mixed with some printed satin and luxury textiles. Creating and inspiring people with some "arabian" inspired looks with grateful embroidery and craftmanship. 
This "young" designer is becoming a legend and we can see it. For some seasons ago he's gettin' higher, and we just love it!

Marc Jacobs

I confess that I was a bit afraid of this Marc Jacobs show, the cause was the impression that the last show had to me (That just was, not right!). But, as always, we never know what to expect from Marc. And at this time, I just loved it.
Starting the show with a simple white t-shirt with black stripes was just GREAT! The rest of the show, also was so graphic but feminine, so wild but so right. The "very-short-dresses" or the "little-bit-long-tshirts" are amazing and very feminine. I just love Cara Delevigne with the brown-shirt
I loved the animal theme represented there and the long striped dresses creating ilusions as pants or body-shapes. Also the shoes were great and our idea of how Marc is BIG, just become BIGGER!

Jason Wu

Jason Wu as we know, is always sweet, delicious and "Oh-so-feminine". But this time he turn the road by making clothes also a bitter sweet and delicious, but in a "Oh-so-fatale" Femme! The body suits, the see-through shirts, blazers and dresses were just sexyer than ever. The underwear apllied on dresses, the well structured pieces and the "classy" that is always a theme with Wu. 
I loved the accessories, the collection and I also can see him growing by made just great and powerful clothes, like this, for real women.

Proenza Schouler

The guys at Proenza Schouler are always introducing new fabrics, textiles and ways of craftmanship to turn they're clothes in something really unique, effortless and very special. The brand is becoming higher that ever, with it's first store on Madison Avenue, and the work of Jack and Lazaro just become more structured and consistent with a guide line through the brand and it's identity.
This show was an absolutely proof of it. The patchwork painted leather jackets and the image-printed-satin dresses were a really strong point on this show. Also perforated leather in dresses and colorful points applied in real images printed in satin, were just big ideas that made this team just WORK. It works! It REALLY works! And we enjoy it more and more, each time... Please guys, keep working 'this' well!


The Mulleavy sisters from Rodarte created a very strong and warrior women for next Spring! Combining textured fabrics and warrior silhuettes with soft and light dresses floating in warrior-womens like Karlie Kloss.
This was medieval inspired with metal belts, and leather fringing, but the silhouettes sometimes reminded me of Proenza Schoular's Fall'12 or Balenciaga. Also, one of the high-lights of the show were the shoes! Really strong shapes, with great colors making the silhuettes even better! We just hope that Rodarte stroke some points again and continue to create such a "Pure Fashion Fantasy".

Also, you can see HERE the links for other great shows! Like Victoria Beckam | Narciso Rodriguez | Belstaff | Donna Karan | Marc by Marc Jacobs | Michael Kors and Theyskens' Theory...

See you in London! ;)

15 setembro, 2012

Alexander Wang | SpringSummer'2013

ATENÇÂO, antes de começares a ler, por favor, clica no PLAY.

Foi com este remix de A$AP Rocky que começou o desfile de Alexander Wang na temporada SpringSummer'2013 da New York Fashion Week.
Começou com looks em preto total, começando a introduzir prata e acabando o desfile com looks totalmente brancos... Todos os looks foram sempre acompanhados por fantásticas botas altas com riscas de pele pretas cheias de atitude e garra, juntamente com sandálias que criam a ilusão de bota (genious!).
Uma das coisas que mais me captou a atenção nesta colecção foram os motivos geométricos dos recortes translucidos nas peças, seja em riscas, ondulações ou texturas animais, que fez tudo isso fazer sentido num todo e foi realmente esse o conceito que deu personalidade à colecção.

O Look 34 usado pela Erin Wasson é para mim a melhor peça da colecção. Um vestido preto, simples, sexy com recortes transparentes delineando o corpo e a silhueta, criando uma ilusão puramente perfeita. (Já disse que era sexy?!)
Basicamente esse e os outros vestidos simples de linhas direitas e delineadas fazem qualquer pessoa acreditar nesta colecção e querer adquirir tais peças. Quero mesmo ver muitas delas utilizadas em looks de streetstyle... sejam as botas, as saias, camisolas ou até os vestidos que dariam perfeitamente para a Karlie Kloss ou a Joan Smalls usar na próxima gala do MET (Right?)

É realmente impressionante como é que facilmente temos uma colecção extremamente sexy, muito desportiva, cheia de linhas invisíveis que moldam uma desconstrução que apela os olhos ao corpo e à sua forma. É incrível e "mágico" como uma t-shirt pode ter riscas transparentes, como um vestido pode ter um padrão 'zebra' totalmente translucido e como uma it-girl pode vestir um look mostrando o umbigo e nós não nos importarmos minimamente com isso!

É mesmo incrível um designer querer deixar uma imagem de marca, e fazer isso apagando as luzes no desfile fazendo o público perceber que muitas das roupas que já tinham visto, afinal... também brilham no escuro!

É incrível podermos perceber que afinal ainda há esperança em novos talentos. A NY Fashion Week está cheia deles e o resto do mundo a borbulhar continua. Alexander Wang já se provou a si mesmo e a nós todos... Resta-nos mesmo esperar pelo próximo Verão e cruzar os dedos para podermos ter o prazer de nos cruzar com uma qualquer beleza criada por estas mãos.

[Yap, devias continuar a ouvir a música...!!!]  ;)

quando as luzes se apagam...

Podes ver o video da colecção AQUI

[Full track list: Put Cha Back In It - DJ Slink | Yaow - Baauer | Bonkers - Jay Fay & Ra Cailum | Harlem Shake - Baauer | Epic - Sandro Silva & Quintino]

VIDEO | Fashion's Night Out_Lisboa 2012

This is my Fashion's Night Out' 2012 in VIDEO!

It was an experience and it's the first video that I edit...
I hope you like it'