30 dezembro, 2013

'Le Artiste Capillaire'

Men's Joker - Le Artiste Capillaire
An editorial that I just found on tumblr.
With an masculine allure, exceptional and pure. Extremely eclethic but elegant, with an incredible styling 
including pieces from Prada, Burberry Prorsum or Lanvin.
Starring Jin DachuanRock Ji
Photographed by Jumbo Tsui

#menswear #thatshowyoudoit #masculinechic

22 dezembro, 2013

'Matilde!' by Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana presents the new ad-campaign for women's watches, in such a  lovely way. 
The luxury brand presents it through a movie that celebrates femininity, love and family.

Making her first appearance in front of the camera, Bianca Balti's daughter Matilde wishes to surprise her mum! 

Directed by Marco Braga and Giuliano Federico.

The watch, called DG7 Gems, is decorated with 4 black Sapphires...
And is a simply beauty!

Too know more about it, please visit www.dolcegabbanawatches.com

20 dezembro, 2013

Louis Vuitton ! SpringSummer'14 Campaign

“It was a very emotional shoot, and I find this shows in the images,” 
said Frédéric Winckler, Vuitton’s communications and events director. 
“It’s not a melancholic campaign. It’s really celebrating women who inspire Marc.”

Marc Jacons on his last campaign for Louis Vuitton invited all of his muses to celebrate the partnership 
that comes to an end with the french-maison.

Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Gisele Bündchen, Fan Bingbing, Caroline de Maigret and Edie Campbell, the model hand-picked by Marc Jacobs to open his final runway show, are photographed by Steven Meisel, a long favourite from Jacobs, himself.

In a simple set, all that matters is the personalitie of each person, and the beauty of the Noé bag, reinvented and called for this season NN14, appearing with sequins, feathers, crystals or studs, made  by aligator or monogram leather.

This one above, is my personal favourite, not just because of the beauty of Gisele, but also from the simple 
and beautiful version of the Noé bag.
An outstanding must-have for next summer. 

Classic and effortless.

17 dezembro, 2013

Balmain | SpringSummer'14 Campaign

Olivier Rousteign surprised everyone this morning launching the new Balmain campaing for Spring Summer 2014 starring no other than Rihanna.

The 90's are presented in this collection and the 'pop-star culture' couldn't be better represented... than with the iconic princess herself!
This is officially my favourite collection from Rousteign since he's comanding Balmain, because all the 'couturish' clothes are very urban and cool but with an effortlessly luxury. #Flawless

This campaign were photographed by Inez & Vinoodh.

#rihanna #pouritup #balmain #effortlesslychic

16 dezembro, 2013

Chanel | Cruise 2014

Before Chanel's last collection as Métiers D'Art in Dallas (wich I will talk about later...), weeks ago this time in Singapore, Karl presented the Cruise collection for 2014.

Karl presented a collection not to be called pre-collection, because is as vast and various as any other ready-to-wear collection. This one with the spirit of Resort were spoted in Singapore. Why? The label has six stores there, and counting... So the business have to roll, and that made Lagerfeld added some local culture to the collection. 
He 'reinvented the details'...

"I like to travel, but not as a tourist. When I travel, it’s work," he said."What I hate most is to feel isolated."

About the fact that he wasn’t interested in designing a studied themed-show for the occasion...
"I research with instinct. There are vague impressions of this part of the world only—except for one thing. I came across a photograph from the 1880s of a local fisherman wearing a four-pocket jacket and wide pants. Really quite Chanel, no?"

This were some of my favourite looks from the Runway...
I can see a more 'brilliant', young and creative Chanel, than ever before.

After the show, were presented the new short-film called 'Once Upon a Time...' starring Keira Knightley, Clotilde Hesme, and a “family” of Chanel models and friends. It imagines the scene as Gabrielle Chanel tries to sell her first collections...
You can whatch it 'here'

13 dezembro, 2013


Beyoncé slayed the all pop industry with her new visual-album "self-titled" BEYONCÉ.

An entire album released as surprise, with 14 songs and 17 videos, creating an history with visuals and contents behind every singles. 
This is the preview of her new video 'Yoncé' featuring some of my favourite models, like Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and the Queen of Fashion Joan Smalls.

Let's drop the beat...

#beyonce #yourunthismotha #slayoncé

09 dezembro, 2013

something Black&White

Há algo de intrínseco e fascinante numa decoração a preto e branco, que me fascina muito.
Não sei se será o ambiente mais masculino, ou os detalhes marcantes de acessórios escolhidos a dedo de extremo bom gosto.
Sejam cadeiras Eames, mantas Hermés ou acessórios de cor misturados e integrados em ambientes (quase sempre) industriais, mas acolhedores.

Gosto de ambientes que transpiram o lifestyle e a atitude de quem os vive e sente.
Estes são alguns exemplos...

Todas as imagens foram retiradas do Pinterest

05 dezembro, 2013

Zegna Couture

 'the new éminences grises'
This is the theme for the new Stefano Pilati's concept for Ermenegildo Zegna new ad-campaign, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh featuring actor Jamie Dornan.

This campaign is the result of a new collaboration between Stefano Pilati and Zegna, since he moved from YSL.
He started and created the now called Zegna Couture collection, with much more quality, design and price-tag than other collection from Zegna before. And as said Alexandre Fury of London's Independent newspaper: "What Pilati did was give Zegna a fashion relevance, and a fashion identity."

This new collection comes also with Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist, as a new member of the Zegna family. 
Scott was invited to do an exclusive photoshoot in Los Angeles, enhancing the essence of this Couture line with captivating shadows.

“When I started to work on the last collection, I said ‘How can I make the Zegna man distinguished in the menswear landscape?’ And I thought, you know, a gesture of luxury. It can be translated in the use of colour, without necessarily looking like a dandy or a peacock. You can do it elegantly, all based on nuances (...) 
Let’s assume that our luxurious customer has everything already. If I introduce the use of colour, you can be formally elegant, but still quite original. That for me is the role that Zegna needs to take on menswear.”
says Stefano Pilati interviewed by BoF

With the new approach of this collection, comes the new Beverly Heels Global Store at 337 Rodeo Drive in LA, 
designed by architect Peter Marino.

During the SpringSummer'14 Show in Milan, this short-film directed by Johan Soderburg started the show. 
As Stefano himself explains: "I found out about the machines, organising a kind of a sound and concept that could show this industry from a contemporary point of view. Everything that has been done in the savoir faire, for me, was a bit boring. I wanted a kind of newer way.”

“Ninety percent of the time, a man in grey has a Zegna suit on and I like that idea" says Pilati

04 dezembro, 2013

Karl's favorite for SpringSummer'14

Karl Lagerfeld talks about Chanel's SpringSummer 2014 collection... showcased at the Grand Palais in an 'Art Gallery' with beautiful accessories, colorful painted-eyes with an incredible ready-to-wear collection.
What was uncle Karl's favorite thing?

"My favorite thing is the new necklace like an earphone, it's two huge pearls, but in fact it's very flattering because the huge pearls give a beautiful light on the girl's face."
Karl Lagerfeld

02 dezembro, 2013

The Beckham's at Vogue Paris

Numa incrível parceria, Victoria Beckham junta-se a Emmanuelle Alt e a equipa da Vogue Paris, como 'guest-editor' na edição de Dezembro-Janeiro da revista francesa.

Nesta que é sem dúvida a minha Vogue de eleição, surge como convidada uma das designers mais proeminentes, que tem surpreendido críticos, com o seu estilo ecléctico, minimalista e o seu 'effortless chic'.

Victoria Beckham fotografada aqui com o seu marido David Beckham por Inez & Vinoodh, numa edição especial de duas capas intimistas e irrepreensíveis.

29 novembro, 2013

Marc Jacobs' dixit

"It isn’t a climate thing that should determine our fabric choices. This is a fashion thing. This is about what you want and what appeals to you. I can’t wait until the fall Comme des Garçons or Prada comes into the store. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees out. I bought this coat three months ago, this winter coat. I couldn’t wear it, but I had to have it. (...)

I was like, I won’t be able to wear this for three to five months, but I don’t care. That’s why I’m buying it—because I want it. Need isn’t the reason for buying fashion. It’s want, desire. (...)

I might ask Nick, who works with me, “I need three new T-shirts, would you order them from American Apparel?” But I wouldn’t go into Prada or Comme des Garçons like, “Gee, I need a floral coat in fur.” It’s a different conversation if you’re a fashion person. I need to eat, but do I need to eat a five-course meal with edible flowers around the plate? That’s probably not what I need in terms of nourishment, but it’s delicious. It’s special that I get to have it, and it’s visually attractive on the plate. It serves a very different purpose, but both are valid. Sometimes I just have to eat because I’m hungry, so I’ll grab anything."

"I have this attitude about being this foreigner in Paris. It’s sort of make believe in Paris. New York is very real to me—it’s where I grew up, it’s where my friends are, it’s where I feel most comfortable. In Paris, I embraced the idea that I lived in this bubble and I always saw Paris the way I wanted it to be…I don’t need to know about politics, I don’t need to know about the economy. I just see what I want to see. I live in this beautiful home on the park that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. I go to work…I make beautiful stuff and then somebody else decides what’s being made, what’s being shipped. There isn’t tension. I saw just what I liked, not having the same emotional attachment to it. I tried to write that in the [Vuitton] program. The love for the superficial is just as real a feeling. That superficiality that I see in Paris is just as real a love as loving something because I have a deep, emotional attachment on a more spiritual level. I don’t want to get all philosophical but it’s very genuine. It’s funny when people feel they have to justify. Love is a feeling. When you love something you feel happy. Happy is happy.

Whether you’re happy in New York because your friends are there and you grew up there, or you’re happy in Paris because the lights at the Place de la Concorde are so beautiful when you drive through. I’ve gone through enough therapy to know that in honoring one’s feelings, you don’t have to assign weight: “I’m happier…” Going with your feelings, honoring your feelings, embracing them, they are just as valid for whatever reason."

full interview at WWD.com

28 novembro, 2013

The One

Just Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey with an incredible commercial 'Street of Dreams' 
for the fragance The One by Dolce&Gabbana. 

Campaign directed by Peter Lindbergh

In a classic cinematic style, the film evokes the golden years of Hollywood...

A Martin Scorsese picture

"I love those streets, they're part of me
because that's where I grew up"

27 novembro, 2013

Joan as Tina Turner

Deliro com editoriais eléctrificantes, que nos prendem à imagem, nos fazem pensar em pormenores, inspirações... 
e ainda nos deixam bem dispostos!

Este [da edição de Setembro da VMag] tinha apenas o objectivo de recrear  Tina Turner com nada mais, nada menos que, 
a então número um do mundo Joan Smalls!

Com o styling energizante de Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, fotografia de Tom Munro e video de Cycy Sanders 

#sexy  #divertido  #pop  #glamoroso

25 novembro, 2013

Fashion Vibe

Chama-se Zina Charkoplia
Criou o Fashion Vibe

E está aqui simplesmente pelo seu estilo.

A simplicidade de combinar o design e a acessibilidade da Zara com Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Céline ou Chanel. 
Ela é a miúda com que todas se identificam, e uma das bloggers com mais estilo no momento.
That's all

22 novembro, 2013


1. t-hirt Balenciaga 2. wallet Pierre Hardy 3. sweater Givenchy 4. sneakers Balenciaga 5. sunglasses Linda Farrow 
6. coat Valentino 7. double-treasted coat Balenciaga 8. bag Balenciaga 9. trainers Christian Louboutin

All available at MatchesFashion.com

21 novembro, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

Everyone is talking about this year's 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show', filmed last week...
The show only will be premiering 10th December, so... I'll let you with some backstage photos by Tommy Ton for Style.com

You can also see the official trailer of the show... here!

24 outubro, 2013

ModaLisboa EVER.NOW | Day 3

Luis Carvalho

A única estreia nesta edição da ModaLisboa, trouxe sorrisos e energia de uma cara conhecida que se atirou assim a uma primeira colecção... Simples, elegante, inovadora e com tanto potencial.
Luís Carvalho entra assim no panorama da moda Nacional. Misturando o streetwear com clássicos de cortes inovadores em tons pastel ou azulados... seja em prints retirados de pedras naturais ou em grandes contrastes metalizados, incluidos em looks atraentes para qualquer 'fashion victim' bem atenta.
Espero que o Luís continue um bom trabalho na proxima edição, pois a equipa maravilha já ele tem!
Com o Styling de João Pimbeiro e Consultoria de Manuela Oliveira.


São sem dúvida um dos três maiores nomes portugueses a circular nas bocas do mundo ligados a Moda e ao Streetstyle. Marques'Almeida já transmite sorrisos, seja com sotaque americano ou frances, pois, as peças em ganga desfiada já têm aqui a sua patente!
Esta foi uma das minhas colecções preferidas da dupla, pois tentaram fugir um pouco ao tema 90's não se desfazendo de todo do espirito, mas investigando novos rumos e tendências... Vieram-me à mente Britney Spears, num look ripado e colorido ou Justin Timberlake num 'total-look' em ganga.
Enfim... O que me fez suspirar foram mesmo as peles de vaca! Uma excelente abordagem e ideia criativa, que nos trouxe casacos fantásticos, vestidos mais que usáveis com milhares de seguidores ansiosos por os experimentar!

Pedro Pedro

Que perfeição foi esta? Sem dúvida uma das melhores colecções de Pedro Pedro! Uma harmonia perfeita do inicio ao fim, numa história contada e compreendida...
As texturas criadas, as sobreposições de diferentes tecidos, os tons neutros, com aquele rosa pálido que tanto adoro... Os brilhos em prints camuflados, etc.
Os sapatod maravilhosamente desenhados sempre práticos, únicos e bonitos. Ainda alguém se lembra de stilletos, depois disto?
Uma beleza tão simples, que apenas génios tocam lá perto!

Algum investidor internacional pode pegar neste menino como pegaram no Christopher Kane ou no J.W. Anderson? É que o grau de genialidade está equiparado!
Hello... Kering? LVMH?

16 outubro, 2013

ModaLisboa EVER.NOW | Day 2

Alexandra Moura

Alexandra Moura, numa colecção continua a anterior faz-nos reviver a luz que nasce na escuridão. Começando em tons escuros em peles perfuradas em silhuetas descontraídas, rapidamente nos transportou para um mundo claro e alegre, num styling impecável com peças que falavam por si. 
Do branco ao amarelo, a luz solar entro pelas quatro paredes que rodeavam a sala e mostrou-nos o quão bom pode ser o sol reflectir na nossa roupa. Desde bordados a efeitos degradé, com 'total looks' em amarelo, branco e azul.... 
O céu provou que, o próprio, muitas vezes pode ser o limite.

Cia. Marítima

Cia. Maritima é sempre um desfile que merece ser visto! Nem que seja por a Milena e a Jani desfilarem... Right?
Gypsy + Jet Setter = Gypsetter, foi este o tema de uma colecção aventureira e viajada, pelos quatro cantos do mundo. Uma colecção muito gira e original, como sempre... :)

Miguel Vieira

Uma colecção presente face ao aniversário da marca, retorna as origens e tenta encontrar toques clássicos, já adaptados à modernidade. Sempre em dualidades de preto/branco, nesta colecção o azul marinho realçou-se como maduro e confiante de um sucesso absoluto.
Tenho gostado muito das últimas colecções de Miguel Vieira, exactamente por notar uma evolução e procura de agradar a um mercado difícil, mas já convencional na sociedade. Com todo esse desafio superado, esta colecção mostrou-se confiante, dona de si mesma e com imensa personalidade comercial.

Nuno Gama

Cada vez com colecções mais completas e executadas de modo irrepreensível, Nuno Gama afirma-se atento e sedutor a um mercado com fome de conceitos e inovações. 
A atenção a esta colecção mostrou-se prática e usável num dia-a-dia dinâmico e estiloso. Desde cortes clássicos em sportswear a capacetes desenvolvidos pela NAU HELMETS, recreados pela marca com os penteados favoritos da estação, estes pequenos/grandes toques geram atenção e curiosidade num guarda roupa masculino cada vez mais desprevenido de normalidade e factores comuns.
As frases atrevidas em t-shirts de 'azulejos', ou os sapatos desenhados a mão produzidos pela EUREKA, são toques geniais e desejáveis, numa colecção repleta de excelentes cortes em casacos, fatos ou camisas maravilhosas. 
Dá para resistir a um t-shirt em pele perfurada?