05 dezembro, 2013

Zegna Couture

 'the new éminences grises'
This is the theme for the new Stefano Pilati's concept for Ermenegildo Zegna new ad-campaign, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh featuring actor Jamie Dornan.

This campaign is the result of a new collaboration between Stefano Pilati and Zegna, since he moved from YSL.
He started and created the now called Zegna Couture collection, with much more quality, design and price-tag than other collection from Zegna before. And as said Alexandre Fury of London's Independent newspaper: "What Pilati did was give Zegna a fashion relevance, and a fashion identity."

This new collection comes also with Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist, as a new member of the Zegna family. 
Scott was invited to do an exclusive photoshoot in Los Angeles, enhancing the essence of this Couture line with captivating shadows.

“When I started to work on the last collection, I said ‘How can I make the Zegna man distinguished in the menswear landscape?’ And I thought, you know, a gesture of luxury. It can be translated in the use of colour, without necessarily looking like a dandy or a peacock. You can do it elegantly, all based on nuances (...) 
Let’s assume that our luxurious customer has everything already. If I introduce the use of colour, you can be formally elegant, but still quite original. That for me is the role that Zegna needs to take on menswear.”
says Stefano Pilati interviewed by BoF

With the new approach of this collection, comes the new Beverly Heels Global Store at 337 Rodeo Drive in LA, 
designed by architect Peter Marino.

During the SpringSummer'14 Show in Milan, this short-film directed by Johan Soderburg started the show. 
As Stefano himself explains: "I found out about the machines, organising a kind of a sound and concept that could show this industry from a contemporary point of view. Everything that has been done in the savoir faire, for me, was a bit boring. I wanted a kind of newer way.”

“Ninety percent of the time, a man in grey has a Zegna suit on and I like that idea" says Pilati

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