29 março, 2011

Paris Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part II«

This is the last post about the international Fashion Weeks, for the Fall 2011/2012.

Hope you like my opinion about these shows...

Enjoy it!

P.S. I’ll soon post my coverage of ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion (and I have so much to tell you!).For the past three weeks my time was zero, but now I’ll try to show you, how it was my experience in the two most important events of fashion in Portugal.

Haider Ackerman, in my opinion it’s the new 'big name' of the Fashion Industry (even Karl Lagerfeld, said it!). He came up with a new
silhouette with a very interesting design. Introduced colors like dark greens and petrol blue (wich I love!). My favorite look of this collection
is shown above in the middle. I love it! And don't forget, put Ackerman on the top of the it-list! He's the new 'big name'!!
Hermés, is no longer in the hands of Gaultier... now Christophe Lemaire is taking the lead, and he's here to succeed. His first collection
with a nomadic notion of travel, inspired on the orientalism, emerged with soft colors like white, browns, greys and little touches of the
classic orange of this 'maison'. A simple collection but a new discover to the world of Hermés, showed at the new Hermés flag.ship in Paris.
Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs are the perfect duo, and this collection proves it. Marc Jacobs is in arch provocateur mode, exploring and
exploding the meaning of fetishes. My favorite pieces of the collection were, the rubber dominatrix boots (instant hit), see-through flasher
macs, and let's not forget the lace-ups that exposed a bare expanse of Kate Moss' thighs below retro briefs.
Lanvin by Alber Elbaz is always a high moment of Fashion Week, the entire Fall collection was about the endless problems, of working with
one of fashion's most mystique-laden fabrics (Gazar), that Elbaz says is "So difficult" to work! But it seems so easy... sumptuous
silhouettes with perfect cuts are everywhere. Shiny colors like yellow, orange or fluo pink were worn at the end of the show, creating the
perfect scenery for the closer of this story! Love it, as always..
Jean Paul Gaultier, message for this show was: 'You're never too old for a little striptease.' Models and guests could prove this rule in
the Gaultier show, Models doing it and the guests enjoying the scene! Trench-coats in leather and wool, leather gloves and so many
special clothes ended up on the same place, the floor. But nobody got worried, because this is Fashion. This is Gaultier!
Valentino is taking the lead! In the hands of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the romantic style and the nudes have become a
new signature of the house, just like the studs in the shoes and dresses. The silhouette is simple and clear, like a t-shirt, and this makes
sense to the women of today. This is for a woman who doesn't have a red carpet to walk every night of the week.
Stella McCartney, continues the trend introduced a month before at the Marc Jacobs show in New York. The polka-dots! This trend was
shown by Stella with a lot of transparencies, making the feminine silhouette more special and sensual. These sexy dresses will be definitely
a popular trend to follow next Fall. Also shiny clothes in gold and silver made this show evolve "to the next level", said Stella, with
aggressive, masculine silhouettes, in dresses, jumpsuits and coats.
Yves Saint Laurent in the headed by Stefano Pilati, continues with the rigor and the sensuality of, the masculine silhouette into the
women wardrobe. With the sense of strict elegance in black and white, visiting the 60's and the 70's at Saint Laurent. A simple, but
powerful architecture. That's it.

Here's a video from Style.com with the Highlights from this Paris Fashion Week...

27 março, 2011

Giveaway » Lee & RFSP BLOG "The Winners"

And the winners are...


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17 março, 2011

Paris Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part I«

Sorry! I'm late!!

I know this fashion week has passed by... but now it's time to do a review and think about the trends for the next Fall!

This is the first part, and some of my favorite shows are here...!

Hope you like it...

Chanel, as always had a stunning show, this time Karl Lagerfeld decided to recreate a dark forest... The clothes were also dark but always glamorous. I love the men look with reinterpretation of the classic Chanel coat!Also the new lock of the classic bag, Chanel 2.55 is marvelous and i love it!
Besides of Karl Lagerfeld, in my opinion, one of the geniuses of this Fashion generation is Alexander McQueen. Now the brand in the hands of Sara Burton, is still growing and the collections are growing season to season. For the Fall 2011/2012 the collection is in black/white and grey, also with little details of orange. The theme of the collection "The Ice Queen and her court", makes sence when we look to each look and we can see white queens, covered in feathers, leather and zippers that makes the feminine silhouette just perfect.
Balenciaga, one of my favourite brands, now in the hands of Nicholas Ghesquiére came with a collection with a game of proportions, with a zooming in on textures. "Elegant and effortless, this was realism trumping surrealism" said Tim Blanks and he's right! Why does Balenciaga doesn't exist in Portugal? WHY?
The military style remains in the Balmain collection, and Christophe Decarnin continues leading his troupe. Sequins all over dresses and leather trousers in shiny colors. All of these things are well-done styling with simple sweaters in black, white or blue. The glam-rock is in the house, and Balmain still's rock'in. (Even if his creative director "is under doctor's orders to rest after being treated for an unconfirmed illness alternately rumored to be depression or exhaustion." said Tim Blanks from Style.com).
Céline, the brand of the moment in terms of it-bags, came with bits of color in yellow, marron or blue. This brand is nothing more than classic and its why everybody in fashion world loves Phoebe Philo. Céline is rehinvented with turtle-necks, statement coats and outstanding bags. The iPad case it's an absolutely must-have, and the doctor's bag have to be seen by every women eyes.
The most discussed Fashion Show of the season was Christian Dior, everything was around John Galliano being dismissed of the house of Dior. His final collection was one of the bests from him, in Dior. The sign of Dior was there, and the classic "New-look", was in coats and dresses. A very romantic collection, with a soft-pink scheme of colors. "Colors were rich, textures were lush, and there was a layered lounche-ness that amplified the bohemian theme."
Now the question that everyone is asking... "Who will take the place of John Galliano?" (Ricardo Tisci's and Carine Roitfeld?? I think so...!)
Chloé is also another brand that is growing. The camel of past collections give his place to colors of this season. The 70's have now snakeskin, and patterns. Patchwork of python printed in different colors, and different silhouettes stills classic and making sense with the label of Chloé.
Dries Van Noten, a very respectful designer continues his work, after an amazing Spring collection that everybody loved (i loved it too!). For this Fall, Van Noten was inspired by David Bowie and the Ballets Russes, and the similarities between this two worlds. Extravagant patterns in amazing coats and silk skirts, make this collection one of the bests from this Fashion Week.
Giambattista Valli is an amazing new name in this industry. I just love his work, and season to season the collections are even better! With splash of colors, or in black and white, the cut of the pieces are just delightful things for my eyes. This new silhouettes really inspires me and make me feel that FASHION IS ART.
Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci (so far! ahaha) is takin my breath away! Black Panters, transparency, flower patterns and an it-collor, "the yellow". Sweet and romantics black skirts over transparent ones, were definitly a wonderful idea. Givenchy is still a great label, and also has one of the best bags! I love very VERY much, some of them!! So congrats to Tisci's work and we hope that he still doing a great job!

(Photos by Vogue.com)

09 março, 2011

Giveaway » Lee & RFSP BLOG

I've got a surprise for you all!
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To comemorate the new Lee campaign for this Summer, photographed by Terry Richardson, the famous jeans brand Lee and the RFSP BLOG have 2 shirts to giveaway!

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06 março, 2011

Milan Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part II«

Milan continues with a lots of Collections...

Paris Fashion Week is on the way and soon my reviews will be posted here!!
This week will be crazy... with the end of Paris Fashion Week, and the start of Lisbon Fashion Week (ModaLisboa), the one i'll be presenting alive here on the RFSPblog! Wait to see it...!

So, I hope you like my choices!
Just tell me what's your favourite collections from Milan...

Jil Sander
Jil Sander, last season show us a new and revolutionary silhouette. Lots of color and magic bags! This season the silhouette stays but the colors have changed... A little bit more dark but amazingly combined. The flower patterns are beautifully well done and the bags are structured and a bit colored. I love the simple dresses, the grey and the yellow one's are just beautifull.

This collection is funny and glamourous. The glasses, the earings and the suits... Everything is made to shine! But my favourite piece of the entire collection is the simple black dress (shown under at the right!) Simple but magnificent!!

This is pure sugar! This is one of the best collections for this season, Prada surprise us one more time. Every single look is gorgeous, the colors and the materials are just brilliant. I love the bags and the shoes... And my favourite looks are the first one in white (shown above at the left), and the more plastic (the second one, shown under at the right). This collection, certainly puts fashion in another level!

Strong colors, a strong silhouette, fur and leather... Everything is mixed to combine in one word: Versace. Just love the dresses (shown under) in black and white whith fur, prepared to look amazingly and show some great legs!! Love it!

Salvatore Ferragamo
Ferragamo is now in black/white! Glamourous looks for a strong woman with the right attitude. Dresses, suits, black leather trench coats and amazing shoes...! Each look show us a powerfull woman with a perfect grey suit, or just a simple sexy dress. I just love the look made of a shinny dress with a coat, used as a cape.

Emilio Pucci
Extremely hot, sexy and powerfull. Sexy womans in amazing dresses, saying pucci all over it! Just love Ana Selezneva, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, Isabeli Fontana, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Anja Rubik in this looks!! The make-up and the hair-style are also amazing!
Just love the sex-appeal of this collection...!

Dolce & Gabbana
Music and stars are the inspirational effects that puts the Dolce&Gabbanna collection on the hit-list of Milan. Androgynous looks, making womans more masculines... But also sexy and feminine dresses. The 'Miss Sicily' bags are now more beautifull and shiny... Thats your opportunity to shine...

Roberto Cavalli
Cavalli is now more wild and beautifull. Strong looks, whith a lot of attitude, this womens are... fabulous! This is powerfull. I love the shoes, the dresses, the coats, scarfs and also bags! Be strong... be Cavalli!

(Photos by Vogue.com)

02 março, 2011

RFSP BLOG & 'Time Out Lisboa'

I had the pleasure to be invited to participate in an article for the 'Time Out Lisboa' magazine, with other amazing bloggers!!

I want to thank 'Time Out Lisboa' Magazine, but specially to Ana Garcia Martins (also knowed as 'A Pipoca Mais Doce'!), the fantastic journalist who did the interviews, and to Joana Freitas, the photographer behind the lens!!

The entire interview wasn't published on the magazine, but as soon as possible, I will show you my opinion about Fashion, Fashion Blogs and how they create trends!

Also this blog is officially on Facebook!!

(clic HERE to see the Facebook page! or see it at the end of the blog!)

Facebook is the right place to talk (just in Portuguese!) about many things that I can't put on the blog, but are relevant! ...or just to introduce my opinion about so many things in the Fashion industry, and others!

Just clic in the 'Like' button, and be my friend!! =D

01 março, 2011

Milan Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part I«

Milan is over... So, now its time to review and think in soo many information for just a few days!!

In this post we have some of the many shows presenting there! It will continue in »Part II«, but now enjoy this information and the things that i like in some of this shows!

Hope you like it!

Fendi, like past season, come to me like a beautiful dream, with so many colors and new silhouettes. Love the bags, the headbands and the 'somethind-bigger-than-a-papillon'!! (i don't know the specific name of that!, btw) :)
The collection is very beautiful, the colors, textiles including the fur on the coats and the simple bags... that i like pretty much! Love the mix of colors in some outfits, like the blue skirt with orange pantyhose, and the brown skirt with the yellow pantyhose and a blue shirt...

Alberta Ferreti
Alberta Ferreti, have always a romantic taste! Sparkling dresses, transparencys, and color-blocking! Everything made this collection a success. The blues are the high of this collection in coats and dresses... I also love the coats with many colors... mixing blue, orange, purple, red and pink!!

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta, this season brings a lot of color, the continuation of many collections from past season, for the Summer2011! Now we have different looks in orange, pink, yellow and also gold! The characteristic bags from Bottega Veneta are now vivide and alive, i love the 'Knot' cluth, and i think that every 'classy' woman should have one!!!

Gucci repeats the facts from last season, with color-blocking, and silhouettes from the 70's. Fur, fur and lots of fur! Soo many colors in hats, jackets, shirts and cardigans. Also the few dresses at the end of the show with a lot of transparency and flowers, mixing bright colors with black, were stunning! Gucci is Gucci and also the bags are gorgeous...!
The key to a fantastic style? Just bring to Winter a bit of Summer, with so much colours like Frida Giannini did in this show...!

Max Mara
Max Mara, brings a pure collection in soft colors. White and grey are the key of this collection, but also black leather and camel invades this runway! The bag in the image, is just perfect! The union of the zippers are so beautiful and the grey leather, perfection!
The sunglasses and the shoes are also perfect items to add to the 'wish-list'!! Don't you think?

(Photos by Vogue.com)