02 março, 2011

RFSP BLOG & 'Time Out Lisboa'

I had the pleasure to be invited to participate in an article for the 'Time Out Lisboa' magazine, with other amazing bloggers!!

I want to thank 'Time Out Lisboa' Magazine, but specially to Ana Garcia Martins (also knowed as 'A Pipoca Mais Doce'!), the fantastic journalist who did the interviews, and to Joana Freitas, the photographer behind the lens!!

The entire interview wasn't published on the magazine, but as soon as possible, I will show you my opinion about Fashion, Fashion Blogs and how they create trends!

Also this blog is officially on Facebook!!

(clic HERE to see the Facebook page! or see it at the end of the blog!)

Facebook is the right place to talk (just in Portuguese!) about many things that I can't put on the blog, but are relevant! ...or just to introduce my opinion about so many things in the Fashion industry, and others!

Just clic in the 'Like' button, and be my friend!! =D

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