28 janeiro, 2011

Paris | Men's Fashion Week »Part II«

This is »Part II« of my favourite collections of Paris Menswear Fashion Week!

Here i show you:
*Louis Vuitton with desirable bags (as always), in new colours like the a.ma.zing orange in the bags and pants, and (of course!) the magnificent eyewear, that is a trully Must-Have item to 2011/2012Winter season.

*Lanvin, with a marvelous way of layers, with 'turtle-neck sweaters' under a white shirt, which are under a cashmere pullover, and all of this layers are under a beautifull blazer! AWESOME!!!

*Givenchy, that gave us a 'gangsta' collection, with many things that are common in the womans wardrobe, like boots laced up to the knee, and collants under black shorts. Riccardo Tisci puts them in the men's ones to! A trully unexpectable collection with pitbull prints, that in this second are the most wanted items of many guys!

*Balmain, that comes with a collection whitout runwayshow! But with a magnific styling, wich put in the collection a great sense of style and colour/textile mixing. Navy and millitary coats, are the trend of the season (for this brand!), with always a great scarf. I think that the camel coat with fur, are now on the wishlist of soo many people! (Not in mine, btw!)

Louis Vuitton
You know that scene at the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey, when they are flying Pan Am Airlines to the moon? That's kinda like the clothes in this Louis Vuitton collection this season: Suits and jackets that are modern but also a bit ahead of the curve, a bit in the future. Clothes that are not for mere plebian jet-setters, but true rocket-setters. When Richard Branson begins regular space flights on Virgin Rockets, we imagine a fair amount of the passengers will be dressed in Vuitton.

You got your full, wide pants and you got your slim pants. That, in a nutshell, is this collection: a mix of opposites. Where a man can wear a dusty-rose jacket, but also a strong fitted black suit or topcoat. It's a lush-feeling collection with a dose of '70s glam and swagger.

Think of it as Samurai B-Boy. Clothes that are rough in their roots (skater-like shorts over black tights) but refined in their cut. These are duds made for dudes like Kanye and Drake: Guys who are not shy about wearing bold tailored classics with an extra wattage of rockstar, featuring pitbull prints, monochromatic mixing, finishes of fur and boots laced up to the knee, and beyond. These clothes are not afraid to swagger.

Christophe Decarnin likes to say Balmain Homme isn't a collection; it's a wardrobe. The military jackets that were such a sensation for the ladies have their analogues here in silver-buttoned peacoats. There's a big emphasis on outerwear in this Fall collection, including a raccoon-hooded parka and an enormous shearling coat. The brand's big splash came from its stretchy, paneled Biker jeans, which are here again, but so is a simpler, straight-leg model of Japanese extraction. Styled in piled-on layers, Decarnin's look can be very aggressive. But piece by piece, its simplicity is its strength.

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(the text's are from GQ.com)

27 janeiro, 2011

Paris | Men's Fashion Week »Part I«

Last week, Paris gave us more Menswear collections for the 2011/2012 Winter.

In this post I show you some of my favourite collections.
Including the "a-little-bit-colorfull" Hermés, the "i-want-that-bag" Dior Homme, the "very-very-nice-coats" Pauls Smith and the "perfect-fit-coats-with-fur" Dries Van Noten.

The Menswear collectins are better then never, and menswear continues the fight to be more relevant and interesting for the fashion world, and to the rest of the world too! I'm with them!! :)

»PartII« is coming..

A bold feel for Hermès, probably the youngest-looking collection in years, in terms of cut and style and fit. Suits—made less for the office and more for the family-board of directors meeting, or a night at the underground casino in Abu Dhabi—are trim and cropped and not as loose as previous seasons; colors are energetic and yet classic in their details: double vents; double-breasted; strong shoulders. (And if you need a shearling-lined leather jumpsuit, they gots that too!)

Dior Homme

An exercise in stripped-downedness. There's an ascetic Asian feel, but also an Amish-gets-rich note to it all. If someone ever did a badass re-make of "Witness" it'd be cool to have Harrison Ford rock this.

Paul Smith
The rugged bohemian. Chambray shirts and camel toggle coats that have a loose and nonchalant California feel. But this is Paul Smith and there's always going to be a nod to his Swinging London roots: like the over-sized furry coats and slim trousers that would look right on a Stones '67 tour.

Dries Van Noten

The son of a menswear shop owner and grandson of a tailor, Van Noten founded his own line in 1986. While still best known for his womenswear, Van Noten has gained increasing notice over the past decade for his men's collections, in particular his architectural take on suiting.
About this collection? Continental and cerebral, but rarely minimal

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(the text's are from GQ.com)

23 janeiro, 2011


Prada | SS2011 Video Campaign

Featuring Arizona Muse, Kinga Rajzak, Zuzanna Bijoch, Mariacarla Boscono and Tati Cotliar


Paris Fashion Week | Haute Couture

Paris Spring Summer 2011 Haute Couture Fashion Week Schedule

Monday, January 24th

10:30 - Alexis Mabille
11:30 - Christophe Josse
12:30 - Bouchra Jarrar
14:30 - Christian Dior
16:30 - Alexandre Vauthier
18:00 - Giorgio Armani Privé

Tuesday, January 2011 25th

10:00 - Chanel
14:30 - Sté+hane Rolland
16:00 - Atelier Gustavolins
17:00 - Givenchy
18:00 - Adeline André
19:00 - Maurizio Galante
20:00 - Julien Fournié

Wednesday, January 26th

10:00 - On Aura Tout Vu
11:00 - Franck Sorbier
12:30 - Elie Saab
14:30 - Jean Paul Gaultier
16:00 - Maxime Simoen
17:00 - Maison RabihKayrouz
18:30 - Valentino

22 janeiro, 2011

Milan | Men's Fashion Week »Part II«

This is the »Part II« of my favourite collections of Menswear in Milan, to the Winter 2011/2012.
Paris is on the way, and i promise i'll post about the best collection of Paris too!

Soo, tell me? What's your favourite collection of the season, so far??

A retro-feeling collection ranging far and wide: Suits that are cut loose and boxy, like a '50s sack suit; shiny T-shirts (very Ziggy Stardust) over brown V-neck sweaters; super trim trousers that feel pre-Beatles era; and maroon jackets that have a mid-'70s L.A. vibe.
Salvatore Ferragamo

A surfeit of swanky '70s swagger. A little bit Lizard King (Jim Morrison) and a little bit Clyde Frazier (double-breasted suits in teal and maroon) and a little bit McCloud (an Italian take on the rancher shearling), all bookended with suits in rich, soft whites and tans.

What the well-dressed motocross (or Matrix) enthusiast is wearing. It's a rough, tough—but still refined—season: Camel coats and rich black topcoats paired with severe and studded black leather belts (very Matrix-y) balanced by rich cashmere coats and suits, some in shocks of blue.
Z Zegna
Theatrical, colorful, and occasionally eccentric departures from its more traditional parent.
(Launched in 2004 as Ermenegildo Zegna's younger, more fashion-forward collection, the Z Zegna line now accounts for about 15 percent of its parent company's bottom line. Design head Alessandro Sartori grew up in a small mountain town renowned for the wool it produced for Zegna, and Sartori—his surname is Italian for "tailor"—has spent virtually his entire career with the company.)

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(the text's are from GQ.com)

20 janeiro, 2011

Milan | Men's Fashion Week »Part I«

From the past five days, Milan gave us his Men's Fashion Week for the Winter 2011/2012.
I didn't have time to post about every detail, as i would like, but now i show you my favourite collections from this Fashion Week.

This is »Part I«, because many shows thrilled my eyes!!! And all of them in just one post, will be just, boring!
Soo, i hope you like my choices...

Burberry Prorsum
Burberry's designer Christopher Bailey loves himself some coats. And this season there are ship loads of em across a range of iconic cuts and fabrics, from a lumberjack coat in buffalo plaid to a duffel in burnt orange to vinyl slickers in shades of toffee and caramel. It's a collection that's deep in the Burberry roots, especially the two-button suits in camel, black and dark moss, but Bailey also mixes things up and reaches into all the references a modern man knows, throwing in Kangol-esque fur caps any MC would dig as well as lug-soled creepers that a new wave '80s boy would rock.

Fifty-odd years of American pop culture gets put in the Italian mix master and spun on 'high'.We've got suits in late-'60s era bold plaids paired with preppy check shirts; T-shirts with big Coca-Cola logos and Mickey Mouse images paired with bright-colored high tops and baggy jeans. There's even a Joe Namath-worthy fur coat.

A nod to Gucci's '70s heritage. Frida Gianni takes that era's colors (dusty rose, brown, camel) and puts them on today's sharply tailored slim suits, then pairs them with shirts and ties in subtle color combinations like teal, tan and brown. This is a quieter swagger for Gucci this season, but don't think it's not a Gucci swagger through and through—not when coats come complete with a curly lamb shearling and fur collars as well as ostrich.

Jil Sander
What happens when Teutonic minimalism gets a shot of pop? This. It's like an iconic Joseph Beuys cashmere suit got left in a grade-school art room and retrofitted with bright tempera paint-colors (hyper blue, fuschia and Cheetos orange, among others) to create bold accents. Jil being Jil, the suits and sweaters and shirts are still cut slim and form-fitting, just like the cropped, quilted overcoats that have the feel of '60s Gstaad ski patrol coats.

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(the text's are from GQ.com, i think they are pretty good, so, i decided to put them here!)

10 janeiro, 2011

Chanel | SS2011 AdCampaign

Chanel | SS2011 AdCampaign

The first look at Chanel’s spring 2011 campaign showcases the spring collection’s rock and roll edge and who better to showcase Karl Lagerfeld’s new vision than Freja Beha Erichsen and Stella Tennant?
Lensed by Lagerfeld himself, Freja Beha and Stella go outdoors for a day of fun in the sun alongside Baptiste Giabiconi.


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