22 janeiro, 2011

Milan | Men's Fashion Week »Part II«

This is the »Part II« of my favourite collections of Menswear in Milan, to the Winter 2011/2012.
Paris is on the way, and i promise i'll post about the best collection of Paris too!

Soo, tell me? What's your favourite collection of the season, so far??

A retro-feeling collection ranging far and wide: Suits that are cut loose and boxy, like a '50s sack suit; shiny T-shirts (very Ziggy Stardust) over brown V-neck sweaters; super trim trousers that feel pre-Beatles era; and maroon jackets that have a mid-'70s L.A. vibe.
Salvatore Ferragamo

A surfeit of swanky '70s swagger. A little bit Lizard King (Jim Morrison) and a little bit Clyde Frazier (double-breasted suits in teal and maroon) and a little bit McCloud (an Italian take on the rancher shearling), all bookended with suits in rich, soft whites and tans.

What the well-dressed motocross (or Matrix) enthusiast is wearing. It's a rough, tough—but still refined—season: Camel coats and rich black topcoats paired with severe and studded black leather belts (very Matrix-y) balanced by rich cashmere coats and suits, some in shocks of blue.
Z Zegna
Theatrical, colorful, and occasionally eccentric departures from its more traditional parent.
(Launched in 2004 as Ermenegildo Zegna's younger, more fashion-forward collection, the Z Zegna line now accounts for about 15 percent of its parent company's bottom line. Design head Alessandro Sartori grew up in a small mountain town renowned for the wool it produced for Zegna, and Sartori—his surname is Italian for "tailor"—has spent virtually his entire career with the company.)

Photos from Style.com

(the text's are from GQ.com)

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