27 janeiro, 2011

Paris | Men's Fashion Week »Part I«

Last week, Paris gave us more Menswear collections for the 2011/2012 Winter.

In this post I show you some of my favourite collections.
Including the "a-little-bit-colorfull" Hermés, the "i-want-that-bag" Dior Homme, the "very-very-nice-coats" Pauls Smith and the "perfect-fit-coats-with-fur" Dries Van Noten.

The Menswear collectins are better then never, and menswear continues the fight to be more relevant and interesting for the fashion world, and to the rest of the world too! I'm with them!! :)

»PartII« is coming..

A bold feel for Hermès, probably the youngest-looking collection in years, in terms of cut and style and fit. Suits—made less for the office and more for the family-board of directors meeting, or a night at the underground casino in Abu Dhabi—are trim and cropped and not as loose as previous seasons; colors are energetic and yet classic in their details: double vents; double-breasted; strong shoulders. (And if you need a shearling-lined leather jumpsuit, they gots that too!)

Dior Homme

An exercise in stripped-downedness. There's an ascetic Asian feel, but also an Amish-gets-rich note to it all. If someone ever did a badass re-make of "Witness" it'd be cool to have Harrison Ford rock this.

Paul Smith
The rugged bohemian. Chambray shirts and camel toggle coats that have a loose and nonchalant California feel. But this is Paul Smith and there's always going to be a nod to his Swinging London roots: like the over-sized furry coats and slim trousers that would look right on a Stones '67 tour.

Dries Van Noten

The son of a menswear shop owner and grandson of a tailor, Van Noten founded his own line in 1986. While still best known for his womenswear, Van Noten has gained increasing notice over the past decade for his men's collections, in particular his architectural take on suiting.
About this collection? Continental and cerebral, but rarely minimal

Photos from Style.com

(the text's are from GQ.com)

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