17 março, 2011

Paris Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part I«

Sorry! I'm late!!

I know this fashion week has passed by... but now it's time to do a review and think about the trends for the next Fall!

This is the first part, and some of my favorite shows are here...!

Hope you like it...

Chanel, as always had a stunning show, this time Karl Lagerfeld decided to recreate a dark forest... The clothes were also dark but always glamorous. I love the men look with reinterpretation of the classic Chanel coat!Also the new lock of the classic bag, Chanel 2.55 is marvelous and i love it!
Besides of Karl Lagerfeld, in my opinion, one of the geniuses of this Fashion generation is Alexander McQueen. Now the brand in the hands of Sara Burton, is still growing and the collections are growing season to season. For the Fall 2011/2012 the collection is in black/white and grey, also with little details of orange. The theme of the collection "The Ice Queen and her court", makes sence when we look to each look and we can see white queens, covered in feathers, leather and zippers that makes the feminine silhouette just perfect.
Balenciaga, one of my favourite brands, now in the hands of Nicholas Ghesquiére came with a collection with a game of proportions, with a zooming in on textures. "Elegant and effortless, this was realism trumping surrealism" said Tim Blanks and he's right! Why does Balenciaga doesn't exist in Portugal? WHY?
The military style remains in the Balmain collection, and Christophe Decarnin continues leading his troupe. Sequins all over dresses and leather trousers in shiny colors. All of these things are well-done styling with simple sweaters in black, white or blue. The glam-rock is in the house, and Balmain still's rock'in. (Even if his creative director "is under doctor's orders to rest after being treated for an unconfirmed illness alternately rumored to be depression or exhaustion." said Tim Blanks from Style.com).
Céline, the brand of the moment in terms of it-bags, came with bits of color in yellow, marron or blue. This brand is nothing more than classic and its why everybody in fashion world loves Phoebe Philo. Céline is rehinvented with turtle-necks, statement coats and outstanding bags. The iPad case it's an absolutely must-have, and the doctor's bag have to be seen by every women eyes.
The most discussed Fashion Show of the season was Christian Dior, everything was around John Galliano being dismissed of the house of Dior. His final collection was one of the bests from him, in Dior. The sign of Dior was there, and the classic "New-look", was in coats and dresses. A very romantic collection, with a soft-pink scheme of colors. "Colors were rich, textures were lush, and there was a layered lounche-ness that amplified the bohemian theme."
Now the question that everyone is asking... "Who will take the place of John Galliano?" (Ricardo Tisci's and Carine Roitfeld?? I think so...!)
Chloé is also another brand that is growing. The camel of past collections give his place to colors of this season. The 70's have now snakeskin, and patterns. Patchwork of python printed in different colors, and different silhouettes stills classic and making sense with the label of Chloé.
Dries Van Noten, a very respectful designer continues his work, after an amazing Spring collection that everybody loved (i loved it too!). For this Fall, Van Noten was inspired by David Bowie and the Ballets Russes, and the similarities between this two worlds. Extravagant patterns in amazing coats and silk skirts, make this collection one of the bests from this Fashion Week.
Giambattista Valli is an amazing new name in this industry. I just love his work, and season to season the collections are even better! With splash of colors, or in black and white, the cut of the pieces are just delightful things for my eyes. This new silhouettes really inspires me and make me feel that FASHION IS ART.
Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci (so far! ahaha) is takin my breath away! Black Panters, transparency, flower patterns and an it-collor, "the yellow". Sweet and romantics black skirts over transparent ones, were definitly a wonderful idea. Givenchy is still a great label, and also has one of the best bags! I love very VERY much, some of them!! So congrats to Tisci's work and we hope that he still doing a great job!

(Photos by Vogue.com)

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