29 março, 2011

Paris Fashion Week | Fall Winter 2011 »Part II«

This is the last post about the international Fashion Weeks, for the Fall 2011/2012.

Hope you like my opinion about these shows...

Enjoy it!

P.S. I’ll soon post my coverage of ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion (and I have so much to tell you!).For the past three weeks my time was zero, but now I’ll try to show you, how it was my experience in the two most important events of fashion in Portugal.

Haider Ackerman, in my opinion it’s the new 'big name' of the Fashion Industry (even Karl Lagerfeld, said it!). He came up with a new
silhouette with a very interesting design. Introduced colors like dark greens and petrol blue (wich I love!). My favorite look of this collection
is shown above in the middle. I love it! And don't forget, put Ackerman on the top of the it-list! He's the new 'big name'!!
Hermés, is no longer in the hands of Gaultier... now Christophe Lemaire is taking the lead, and he's here to succeed. His first collection
with a nomadic notion of travel, inspired on the orientalism, emerged with soft colors like white, browns, greys and little touches of the
classic orange of this 'maison'. A simple collection but a new discover to the world of Hermés, showed at the new Hermés flag.ship in Paris.
Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs are the perfect duo, and this collection proves it. Marc Jacobs is in arch provocateur mode, exploring and
exploding the meaning of fetishes. My favorite pieces of the collection were, the rubber dominatrix boots (instant hit), see-through flasher
macs, and let's not forget the lace-ups that exposed a bare expanse of Kate Moss' thighs below retro briefs.
Lanvin by Alber Elbaz is always a high moment of Fashion Week, the entire Fall collection was about the endless problems, of working with
one of fashion's most mystique-laden fabrics (Gazar), that Elbaz says is "So difficult" to work! But it seems so easy... sumptuous
silhouettes with perfect cuts are everywhere. Shiny colors like yellow, orange or fluo pink were worn at the end of the show, creating the
perfect scenery for the closer of this story! Love it, as always..
Jean Paul Gaultier, message for this show was: 'You're never too old for a little striptease.' Models and guests could prove this rule in
the Gaultier show, Models doing it and the guests enjoying the scene! Trench-coats in leather and wool, leather gloves and so many
special clothes ended up on the same place, the floor. But nobody got worried, because this is Fashion. This is Gaultier!
Valentino is taking the lead! In the hands of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the romantic style and the nudes have become a
new signature of the house, just like the studs in the shoes and dresses. The silhouette is simple and clear, like a t-shirt, and this makes
sense to the women of today. This is for a woman who doesn't have a red carpet to walk every night of the week.
Stella McCartney, continues the trend introduced a month before at the Marc Jacobs show in New York. The polka-dots! This trend was
shown by Stella with a lot of transparencies, making the feminine silhouette more special and sensual. These sexy dresses will be definitely
a popular trend to follow next Fall. Also shiny clothes in gold and silver made this show evolve "to the next level", said Stella, with
aggressive, masculine silhouettes, in dresses, jumpsuits and coats.
Yves Saint Laurent in the headed by Stefano Pilati, continues with the rigor and the sensuality of, the masculine silhouette into the
women wardrobe. With the sense of strict elegance in black and white, visiting the 60's and the 70's at Saint Laurent. A simple, but
powerful architecture. That's it.

Here's a video from Style.com with the Highlights from this Paris Fashion Week...

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  1. Adoro as colecções: Haider Ackerman, Hermès, Louis Vuitton e principalmente Stella McCartney.

  2. Adoro principalmente Louis Vuitton, Hermés e McCartney!