21 setembro, 2012

Prada | SpringSummer'2013

And some how, Miuccia Prada fell asleep...
And she starts dreaming in black and white, in a distant place, far, far away...

It all happens in Asia (that land where clothes are caled 'Kimono' and a women are called 'Geisha') with red and pink sparkles from the flowers on the camp... Pretty collors in such a dark scene
And some how, she mixes everything! The flowers with the darkness, the light with clothes, and clothes with kimono's... 
The feets are on the ground., and some how they are in the air! 
And such a dark feeling became a sweet thing...

A collection was created.

She wakes up! It's Thursday, 20 September and she can't do anything. The collection came from this big dream and reallity happens!
It's Milan Fashion Week'!

This is a really strong collection with such a sweet feeling impressed by flowers and pink clothes. It started in a dark mood with flowers in black and white, and going across the dark green you start notice the red and the light from white and clear greens and pink at the end of the show!
The clothes were really unexpected, the theme and the colors, also.

So, tell me: Where you can see black and white fur jackets on a Spring show?
It's crazy, right?. But it's Prada. So, it's A-MA-ZING!!

The japanese mood across this collection is noticed by cuts and silhuettes inspired in kimono's, and also in the shoes so much appropied to those Harajuku girls... Even the shoes that seemed to be judo socks, were in leather and with bows! Miuccia  says that  she likes "walking on a flat - even if it's high"!

This collection was described as Nostalgic! But we can call it Poetry... Fashion Poetry! Is that right?

You can see the complete collection and video of the Show at Prada.com

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