28 janeiro, 2010

Gucci | Paravanda Frida Collection

According to the official press release, ‘the Paravanda Frida is an orchid hybrid between the Paraphalaenopsis genus and the Vanda genus. Averaging about 6 distinctive flowers 8 cm across, the sepals and petals are of a distinctive pure white, contrasted by a captivating yellowish red textured lip’.

Gucci Paravanda Frida Special Edition Boston
that features a hand-painted version of the Paravanda Frida motif on the white GG canvas coated body with the iconic Gucci web in pink and white. The bag is finished off with white leather trim details and will carry a unique serial number embossed on the inside. Only 78 will be available and they are priced at SGD1280 each.

On the left we’ve got the Gucci Paravanda Frida Appliqué Boston that’s so limited that only 10 pieces are available. The white GG coated canvas body is adorned with appliquéd orchids in leather and finished with white crocodile handles. Hand-crafted and serialised with a unique identification number, each one is truly a collector’s item.

Besides the 2 bags there will also be a a wristlet and tees for both sexes (gray for men and white for women), and unlike other charity initiatives that give only a percentage of proceeds to the charity concerned, Gucci will be giving 100% of all proceeds of the 2 bags to MILK (Mainly I Love Kids), a local children's charity.

The collection formally launches in Singapore early March 2010.


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