09 fevereiro, 2010

French Connection | The Man

He is handsome. Naturally, he is handsome. He’s powerful. Perhaps as powerful as a bullock. But do not let him daunt you. He knows about warp and weft, about women.

His love for his beard is fierce and raw. He knows that a beard is a poem. Do not touch his beard. If you do not know so much about the beard, The Man can help you.

He’s the face of spring 2010 and he wears French Connection. This is him……

"Men have lost the ungentle art of manliness. The man in the street doesn’t know what to bring to a knife fight. He gets nervous around large fish. He can’t tie a full Windsor. Men have forgotten how to snap a bra open with a click of their fingers – women are undoing their own bras to save time! Meanwhile guys are eating little portions of leaves and putting too much gel in their hair. They are wearing t-shirts with dope leaves and robots on them when they are over 22 years-old."
French Connection Manifesto


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