27 abril, 2010

Donna Karan | The Infinity Dress »Pre-Fall 2010«

Come experience the many wraps and twists of Donna Karan's newest Infinity Dress. Less really is more.

"How can one jersey dress be a day-into-evening wardrobe? by transforming it self with a twist here, a wrap there, it's starpless one minute, two kinds of halter dresses the next. Bare it, suit it, add a cardigan. Wear it with heels or slide into flats. There's your wardrobe - chic, modern, versatile. Enjoy"
Donna Karan

For a Woman by a Woman

See how to do this looks with just one dress at DonnaKaran.com


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  1. Estou a precisar tanto de dar forma a um vestido meu preto =|