14 abril, 2010

Finger In The Nose

Finger in the nose – what a great name for a kids’ brand you say? Well, this French brand is the epitome of style (regardless of the size of their audience!) From its ‘Sartorialist-snap-worthy’ mini models with just the right amount of attitude to its authentic rock n roll aesthetic, this brand offers quality kids’ wear for the emerging fashionista.

This label is not just about cutting a stylish figure on the streets; integral to its DNA is the long-term quality of the pieces, offering superior comfort and wearability. They use 9-11 ounce real European denim with raw, stone, bleach, snow and leather-look washes, and real feather down for their jackets and Geelong merino angora for their knitwear. Their 100% cotton tees feature wild animals and mythology-style graphic prints. The only negative? Your kids could quite likely steal the spotlight from your own sartorial efforts. Consider yourself warned!
Kate Vandermeer


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