04 julho, 2010

Fashion Show | Amaya Arzuaga

Fashion Show | Amaya Arzuaga
@ Estoril FashionArt Festival

Butterfly wing movement, shell geometry and other biological diagrams inspired her 2010 Summer Collection. Tridimensional pieces trying to break through formalities where the feminine structure comes as a central axe for silk and organic cotton dresses, constructed like origamis and condensating that sublimation process the metamorphosis owns. Amaya Arzuaga is well succeeded imitating nature in such delicate balance between effusiveness and subtlety.

For Winter 2011 sublime forms shape the most kinetic of all Amaya Arzuaga´s collections. Futurists cuts build up structures, authentic armors combined with intricate wool patterns that emerge like complex, organic puzzles.
Amaya Arzuaga worked on wool and dyed leather most importantly, this season. Intense orange stands out and to some extent, in Arzuaga's case, it can be said its just as black as black itself.

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