12 julho, 2010

Valentino | The Haute Couture

Valentino | The Haute Couture
Paris Couture Week | Fall Winter 2010

The mood was compounded by the name the designers gave their collection: The Dark Side of First Love. If that notion has a Lolita tinge, Chiuri and Piccioli made the clothes to match. They even dropped a cage over one girl to let you know she was trapped.

Teen psychodrama may fit with the kind of "dark side" idea they've sometimes toyed with in the past, but it was downright peculiar in a couture context. Still, as a pitch to a much younger customer (and those girls were out in force in the front row today), the collection was a major success on its own terms: haute couture for the Twilight generation.

By Tim Blanks


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  1. Amei!!! lindo os detalhes.. as roupas... enfim um sonho

  2. Adorei o da 2ª imagem. Aquela especie de gaiola está muito bem pensada :)