03 agosto, 2010

This is Fur!

PETA will be fuming mad. Ladies will gleefully brag. And perhaps some men too will join the pack. You either love or hate it.

However, fur is here to stay much to the dismay of animal enthusiasts. Designers are going in full force with their pursuit of ultimate luxury. For this Fall Winter 2010 season, furry materials are presented in its full glory by many designers on bags, shoes and more.
Whether is it real or faux fur, the look is definitely winter and supremely decadent. So take your pick. it's time for some furry 'companions'...


(clic on pic to enlarge for better view)

3 comentários:

  1. YSL cuff and D&G bag! I want them...

    Love the fur trend, I prefer faux fur, not for the price but the idea of animals suffering for such a reason as fashion will never be right on my mind.

    Love the Chanel boots too, white for fall, dangerous but beautiful.

    **, kiss sU

  2. AMO! Peles, pêlo .. mas falso de preferência. Passo a ultima pulseira preta .. very ugly :$


  3. Love it! Mas também prefiro que sejam falsos... (;