28 novembro, 2010

Louis Vuitton | Cruise 2011 Catalogue

Check out the catalogue photos below, grouped into three inspirations: the 60′s Style Colorama, Modern Nostalgia, Lolita on the Road, and Hollywood Glamour!

60s Style Colorama

Luscious colors of sorbets, bonbons and blush. A colorama of pale, almost milky acids, the pastels of the Memphis movement or the Art Deco buildings of Miami. Modern nostalgia of the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies. The sweet mood of a doe-eyed Chic Lolita. As if a young, ultra-fresh Bardot had conquered Hollywood, as if La Madrague was in Palm Springs. This is the spirit of extreme femininity and sophistication found in the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 collection.

Modern Nostalgia

As beautiful in a sundress as she is in a shorts suit and a sky-blue striped little boy shirt or high-waisted trousers, or a circle skirt with organza petticoat, or a Fifties strawberry milkshake cocktail dress, the Chic Lolita is graceful to a T. She puts on a film-star air without taking herself seriously. Her ponytail, worn downtown or on the beach, is bedecked with a silk bow. Her jewelry echoes the grand tradition of Fifties style Hollywood bijoux, with a sly wink and a side-step in time to when bracelets and necklaces matched.

Lolita On The Road

Turquoise and coral embroidery, handmade flowers in raffia and leather, just like the bows seen at every turn. Her beach-bag style handbag in vanilla straw gets a touch of glamour with alligator skin. Her metal, mother-of-pearl and lacquer minaudière in sweet, succulent shades is made entirely by hand, just like the petite perforations in her fingerless leather mitts. Whether sheʼs in floral canvas ballet slippers or high-heeled sandals, this devastatingly charming Chic Lolita adores the impertinence and savoir-faire of the craftsmen behind them, and she steeps it all in sensational freshness.


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50s Hollywood Glamour

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