05 fevereiro, 2011

Chanel | Haute Couture »SS2011«

Chanel | Haute Couture
Spring Summer 2011
Tuesday, January 2011, 25th

The Fashion Week of Haute Couture was recently in Paris, by the end of January.
My lack of time just delay this and the other posts about this Fashion Week, but I promise that they will be right here in a couple of days!

For me Chanel Haute Couture is always a pleasure to admire, and the many things, like backstage and rehearsals images, that Chanel puts into their web-site Chanel News, are just hours of my life, trying to understand this world, and the wonderfull thing that Haute Couture is nowadays...

With this post I will quote a magnific text, writen by Elisabeth Quin "Haute Couture, Haute Culture..." that are from Chanel News.


The Chanel Spring-Summer 2011 Haute Couture collection has created a dazzling bridge between the 1920s and the 21st century.
Low waists, slender busts and delicate feet encased in ballerina shoes with transparent ribbons have been combined with the colors of clouds or pearls and waves of shimmering spangles, while embroidered shirts have been paired with Couture jeans that lengthen the legs to infinity… It is a younger look that is lighter than ever, rejecting any kind of bourgeois heaviness. The collection is characterized by total grace and luxurious materials that make their mark with skilled understatement, recapturing a style that came as second nature to Coco Chanel…
Haute Couture is a French national treasure, yet it was invented by an Englishman, Charles Worth, at the time of Napoleon III. Barely a century after it had beheaded its king, France quickly understood that luxury could act as an inimitable ambassador for French expertise.
At that moment, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, known as Coco, arrived on the scene with her hands in her pockets and a cigarette between her lips. She was surrounded by an air of nonchalance, eternal allure and insane elegance in her wonderfully fluid jersey suits and dresses, which went on to represent a real liberation for women. It seemed a natural step but someone had to invent it, someone had to have the confidence and the talent to understand what women wanted, longed for, even before they knew it themselves. Was Chanel a revolutionary, a prophet? Absolutely!

Photos by Style.com and Chanel News

(the text was writen by Elisabeth Quin at Chanel News in "Haute Couture, Haute Culture...")

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