10 janeiro, 2014

Céline | Summer'14

"Phoebe Philo, a master at bringing us what we want before we know what that is.

Céline as always makes me feel delusional, overated and crazy...
The sophistication meets clearness of each collection is impressive. Doing a massive 'boom' on fashion industry and making retailers 
go crazy, as well.

For this Summer "the Céline woman was like a (...) illustration sprung to life. But what gave the clothes a real third dimension was 
the fabric experimentation; (...) woven jacquards and knits dominated over prints and were beautifully done. The Céline woman became more intriguing."

"Philo defined it as being about 'power to women. It was inspired by lots and lots of feelings. It felt like the right time to move on.  
I never really analyze; it is just what is there inside.'

Perhaps that's the real power of the Céline woman now: She comes from the heart, not the head."

#epicchic #effortlessgrunge #justbeingcéline

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