29 janeiro, 2014

Dior invites Students to 'Haute-Couture'

“You are invited to the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show in Paris, all expenses paid.”

One thing that cought me by surprise this passed Haute Couture Fashion Week...

The Dior team invited 63 fashion students from the 22 most prestigious Fashion Colleges around the world (from London to Antwerp to Florence, Tokyo, Bejing, Paris, New York and Shanghai) to attend the Haute-Couture Show and visit the ateliers in Paris.

This was such an empowerment to me, just because I wanted so baddly to be in their shoes, and have this opportunity of a lifetime just in front of me!

“It was like a magical mystery tour,” said Paglinco, one of the students. “Even when we arrived in Paris, we didn’t know what was going to happen. No idea we’d be taken to the ateliers at Dior to see everything being made the night before the show. No idea that we’d be given talks and shown all the jobs we didn’t know about. That made it even more fun.”

It’s not every day students get to see a fashion show, other than via the time-honored method of crawling through the back way. 
But Raf Simons decided to introduce a first. “I thought it would be a great idea to add another show especially 
for students and the atelier people.”

Yes, you read it right! This was the third Dior show of the day, just for the invited students, along with the employees from the Dior ateliers, to watch a show organized especially for them!

“I think as a student you shouldn’t think about the system, but just what you really, really believe in, and in the beginning reach out to other people who believe in it, rather than those who are in control.” said Raf

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