14 janeiro, 2015


Elle UK nowadays is one of a few magazines that continues to surprising me, and just keep me smiling.

This time with this 'Showtime' piece that recreates Louis Vuitton's backstage for Summer'15 by Nicholas Guesquiére. Here celebrating the show among his long-time creative influence Jean-Paul Goude.

A true #masterpiece.

"At Vuitton, I want my work to seem like an 'obvious' wardrobe, to come across as a familiar closet to which I can add a very fashionable statement ... I have a clear-cut objective: to gain recognition and break new ground, develop a certain personality and remain faithful to it."
said Guesquiére

"He forged my senses of aesthetics as a teenager, he's an integral part of who I am. I traced his illustrations when I was a kid. So it's a dream come true that our visions and personalities have become one. It's truly a gift."
Guesquiére about Jean-Paul Goude

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