01 agosto, 2012

Zara | Fall'2012 Campaign

Freja Beha | Woman Campaign

I'm speechless about this new Zara Campaign... Starring some of my favourite models like Freja Beha in the women's campaign, Sean O'Pry and Jon Kortajarena at the Men's pictures and for TRF the amazing Cara Delevingne! It's all about intimate images in black and white, embracing the light softly and clear beeing emotionaly flawless and perfect.

Sean O'Pry and Jon Kortajarena | Man Campaign

As much as I saw on Zara.com, the collection is really impressive, taking inspiration from Burberry, Balmain and Saint Laurent, making the dreams came true and Wishlists bigger... I'm talking about the Women's long jacket with leather sleaves, the Men's quilted grey blazer and so many other pieces with an incredible design that are mostly wanted by the true Fashion Addicts!

Cara Delevingne | TRF Campaign

The references are truly obvious, with military jackets and studded clothes, many of them included in the TRF line, which is more young and fashionable with principal references in Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Isabel Marant... Easy wear with so many military green, leather jackets, studded shirts and short dresses!

Kids Campaign

Also the young lines for Boys and Girls are just adorable... The campaign is simple and very soft like the growers one, the kids are beautiful and the clothes seems to be very confortable and always very stylish! (I want my sun to be like this little boy!)

Zara,  to complete this images, also published some films that are just amazing!
Under, you can see the Men's film with Sean O'Pry and Jon Kortajarena... very masculine, intensive and so dawn perfectly good!

You can see the Women's and TRF films HERE

To see the complete Fall'2012 Campaign, please visit Zara.com

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  2. LOVE IT! It's amazing!