08 outubro, 2012

Paris Fashion Week | SpringSummer'13 ... Balenciaga, Dior and Balmain

Paris FashionWeek it's always the most exciting FashionWeek... 

It's always new, glamourous and fresh with all the long list of Designers that we love... From A(llaia) to Z(egna) it's a all new Alphabet!
It's Fashion... so, look it up at the dictionary! ;)


Nicholas Ghesquiére for Balenciaga is always surprisingly futuristic, with all the origins and inspirations of the  past centurys of the Maison. Starting with the opening look (which always defines a collection), the top white cross bra with simple black pants were stunning. And I can't even talk about the several looks with giant ruffles, applied in dresses and assimetric skirts. If you look deep, you can see the texture in lace and knits that were applied in details at shirts, shorts and dresses in a certain unic way... 
...just like Balenciaga seems to be. 
This collection is a real 'new loook' that Ghesquiére gave us. Designers have to transform 'their' labels season-after-season, and Ghesquiére, like several good designers can do it soo much better... And that's the reason, why we love it!

Christian Dior

Maybe this was one (or THE) show that we most expected from Paris.
'Christian Dior by Raf Simons' It sounds promissing, and it really was! 
I confess that when I first saw the collection, I was a bit disapointed, maybe because I was expecting too much... (or I don't even know what I was expecting, too!) But, when, I whatched again this collection I found it so beautifull, refreshing and 'new'. It all started with a black tuxedo (the scarf at the neck was clever!) then I started to saw the silhouette changing and I was enjoying it so much! 
The color was added in stripes and organza dresses. First I didn't like it, but now I can not wait to see it in editorials and magazine covers! Other thing that made believe in this collection were the accessories. Dior have new it-bags on the block, and the 'Lady Dior' bag, just had a fresh air and became more clean and minimalist... The shoes where great, some of them with metallic stripes and some were just simply-beautyful-stilettos!! I have to love it!
Congrats Mr. Simons! 


For SpringSummer'13 Balmain starts to introduce new 'big-shoulders', I mean, really big shoulders! And then we start to visit the DNA pieces of this Maison. I always love the short dresses, they are my favourite pieces, with great colors, and amazing workmanship. 
They have flawless embroydery and craftmanship, that we can't even understand how it was made! And this just blow me away! Over and over againd... It's so beautifull. The all spirit of the Balmain women is always so strong with powerful jackets in such a sexy silhouette!

I know that many people are right, when they say that Balmain is becoming season-after-season, always the same 'stuff'... 
Please, don't get me wrong! In my opinion (and I love Balmain) when Olivier Rousteing came to the Maison, it was fresh air, and I admit that it sarts to look always the same. But, I don't want to see it that way! 
This is the DNA of the label, it's what made them sell, and it is always great pieces
I still love Balmain and I'll always do...

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  1. Balmain was so amazing, I don't even have words for it!