10 outubro, 2012

Paris Fashion Week | SpringSummer'13 ... Chloé, Céline and Lanvin

Paris continues to show us the golden list of best shows, and here are three more to count...

From the sweet lady Chloé., to the trashy cofident Céline and the powerful contemporary Lanvin
All of them are strong womens, walking the runway to show us some beautys...
Do you have favourites, so far? 


Chloé since Clare Waight Keller is taking the lead, it's like a sweet dream... Beautiful pieces, soft colors, expert cuts and amazing accessories. Wich means: Great collections
I can tell a story of a very feminine women, very confident, with a soft smile. She is practical, cute and calm, and with such softness she's the looking center of every ladys at the office... "Did you see that bag? I love the color"!
She's the dream of many womens, beautifully elegant however, simply practical. That's the Chloé girl!
In this collection I  loved the soft and light materials, the contradition of transparencies in light fabrics with opaque colors in solid materials. The metallic shoes were 'terrific' and the bordeux handbag with 'pony-hair', is just another 'it-bag'!


The Céline girl is always dangerous. I imagine her rober a bank, right at the financial district, NY, and getting out of the building very confident and badass, in such a 'killer style' with furry-sandals, and her leather pouch full of million dolar diamonds. 
Oh, I'm seeing her walking down the street, kissing her hottest-boyfriend and living in a penthouse at the soho, full of art pieces!
Now talking about the show, I loved those long dresses with a strong cleavage, and the easyness of style that represents it. Just like the rest of the collection, it's all about a sexy oversized silhouette, comfortable shoes and easy bags! I loved the shades of soft pink and blue and the attractive furry yellow pumps. The simple clutch in leather reminds me of Jil Sander's paper bag, and it's beautiful!
Thank you Phoebe Philo for such a strong collection... We love the Céline women, always so challenging...


Alber Elbaz is the genious of  Lanvin. This time he elevates the fashion issue and show us much clean silhouettes, strong womens in clever styles. It's "a new start", said Elbaz
I can see a contemporary way to look at classicism. The tuxedo meet kimono at the belts is a sign. The art presented at the location and at the Greco-Roman statue prints at dresses is a way. But I always love the assimetries of Lanvin, the giant bows, smashy dresses and elegant accessories. The black swimsuit look with black trousers were the sexiest look of the show... Kasia Struss knows how to work it!
The clean and linear dresses at the end seemed to be origami inspired... And I start to think: Why women have to complicate? A simple look, at the end, just shows the brighter women...

"Every women wants to look and be like a star." -Alber Elbaz

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