15 janeiro, 2013

Prada | FallWinter'2013 Menswear

In one of my favourite runway sets, a minimal house with Rem Khoolaas furniture produced by Knoll, that perfectly match one of the most 'normal' Prada shows. But we know this is Prada by Miuccia, so we know that this 'normality' is not what it seems...
She said about this collection that is "one of the most sophisticated I've ever done". But, How? You ask.
She explains it so much better:

"Simplicity is so difficult. To make perfect something that is normal and classic is much harder."

And what we see just here, is incredibly beautiful. I mean... You want to wear everything! I want it! And that is what Fashion is about. Those normal clothes with perfect 'shades' of blue, yellow and red, full of leather details, perfect fabrics and the perfect cut in jackets and shirts.

That is a collection that talks to me about innocence, in a creative way that explores perversity in some point... We can talk about these clothes as 'normality' but we shure know that it's not about 'banality'.
Those beautiful and amazing shoes that I want to wear right now, are just a new classic in such a different way.

We know that this is so 'normal', but 'different'.

It's controversial. So Miuccia and so Prada.

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